Data Recovery for Apple Devices. 

Lost data from your Mac, iPhone or iPad? 

Common Reasons for Data Loss

  • Data on your computer or device can be lost or damaged in number of ways

  • Data can become corrupt due to a failing hard disk or a software update that's failed

  • A liquid spill on your device could damage the drive and the data

  • If you drop your laptop, the internal components of the hard drive could be damaged

  • Older, mechanical hard drives are prone to wear and can fail, putting your data at risk

A liquid spill on your MacBook could mean catastrophe for your data

Photos, videos, files... these are all types of data, continuously captured and created on our digital devices and unless backed-up to an external source, such as 'the cloud' or a local, external source, can be at risk for a number of reasons. These can include the data becoming corrupt over time or due to a software update that did't go to plan. Perhaps a liquid spill on your device has stopped it working and the data is now inaccessible. Also, mechanical hard drives as typically found in most computers are sensitive to shock, so if dropped can damage the hard disk inside and cause data loss. Or simply, it could just be an ageing, mechanical drive, prone to wear that is failing or stopped working altogether.

What can be done to recover data?

If you have any concern about the data on your device, or simply have an old hard drive you would like to recover data from, speak to Fruit Geek.

We have specialist tools to recover the data from most types of computer storage and for the ones we don't, we have specialist suppliers in place we can partner with, to give you the best possible chance of recovering those lost photos, videos, files and more.

An initial diagnostic of your disk to determine recovery is free of charge and is carried out with no obligation to proceed with a paid service. 


Sonya Whitman

Amazing service from Fruit Geek. He repaired two iPads that had smashed screens and button issues. The service was awesome.

Barry Chranley

Just had my Mac Pro 2 repaired by Fruit Geek in Bexley, I'm very impressed at the level of customer service and the caretaker with my Mac.

Karen Perry

Friendly, helpful & genuine. Fixed my Mac when I thought it had totally had it and for a very reasonable price too. Would definitely use again and recommend.

Bill Evans

Thought my MacBook was dead. Thanks for bringing it back to life James and for keeping me advised as you worked on it.

Jenny Griffiths

James just did a RAM and SSD upgrade on my 2011 MacBook pro turning it from an arthritic leopard to a singing and dancing machine which has lots of life left after all!

Mick Collins

Contacted Fruit Geek when the hard drive on my iMac ‘died’. He got back to me so promptly, I ended up having the machine back in my possession inside 24 hours, working like a dream.

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